Climate change and the global environmental crisis are a reality for humanity. In response to this crisis, Tecnológico de Monterrey has committed itself through Ruta Azul, the 2025 sustainability and climate change plan, with the great aspiration of building a sustainable future by adopting a proactive culture in the face of the climate emergency. This commitment is reflected in actions related to mitigation, adaptation, education, research, and engagement, with the aim of becoming a model institution for sustainability.

Our mission in the Education axis is to educate committed leaders who will help forge a sustainable future. As part of the tenth edition of IFE Conference, formerly known as CIIE (International Conference on Educational Innovation), Ruta Azul presents the Sustainable Development Education (SDE) track at the conference.

This platform for the exchange of ideas will allow stakeholders to closely understand the importance of establishing education for Sustainable Development, discuss opportunities related to the implementation of SDE in higher education, establish collaborative networks at the national and international levels, among other objectives.

Featured Events Panel: Sustainability and the future of education


Luis Fernández Carril

Coordinador académico de Sostenibilidad

Ericka Toledo Zurita

Líder de proyectos en el Centro del Agua, Tecnológico de Monterrey

Mariajulia Martínez Acosta

Directora asociada de la Iniciativa ODS en el Tec, Tecnológico de Monterrey

Claudia Robles

Directora de INNOVEC

Location: Sala Mayor