Submission Policy

Assignment of Authors’ Rights

The authors must assign the patrimonial right over the publication, dissemination, and distribution of the contribution in any format to the IFE Conference. (Letter of Originality)

Reproduction Permissions

The authors are allowed to share their contributions on personal websites, academic networks, social networks, open data repositories, thematic and institutional repositories, conferences, or as support for teaching and academic and research activities. However, they are obligated to share the published version, acknowledge, reference, and indicate that the original version was published in the IFE Conference, including the DOI and the title of the primary source of publication. Failure to comply with the reproduction permission granted by the IFE Conference may result in legal action.


IFE Conference allows authors to share the scientific contribution prior to acceptance and final publication in IFE Conference on the author’s personal website, repositories, and academic networks. However, it must be acknowledged and indicated that this contribution has been registered and is undergoing academic evaluation by the IFE Conference team. In the event of the contribution being rejected, the authors retain complete autonomy over the patrimonial rights of their contribution.


Once the contribution is published and with the assignment of patrimonial rights to the IFE Conference, authors must adhere to the Reproduction Permissions presented in this section.

License for Use of Contents

The contents of this publication are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


IFE Conference disapproves any discriminatory behavior, language, and communication from authors, editors, reviewers, or any member of the IFE Conference team. In this regard, equity and equal opportunities are advocated for members of the scientific community conducting research related to Educational Innovation, with rigor, academic integrity, and in accordance with the Code of Ethics and policies of the IFE Conference, enabling them to submit their scientific findings.

Data Privacy

Data shared by the authors will not be commercialized, assumed, altered, manipulated, or shared with individuals outside the IFE Conference team who are not directly involved in the review or publication process of the received contribution. Privacy and confidentiality of the data shared by the authors are guaranteed.

Open Access

IFE Conference is an open-access publication, and authors as well as the scientific community of readers, will not be charged for the editorial processing of the contribution, nor for reading, downloading, or sharing the scientific content. The scientific community of the IFE Conference is requested to strictly adhere to the Code of Ethics and the Reproduction Permission provided.