Previous Conferences

For nine editions, the International Conference on Educational Innovation (CIIE) represented a tradition for the professors at Tecnológico de Monterrey to learn and share best educational practices within the institution.

Starting in 2014, this tradition extended to other universities in Mexico and around the world, transforming into the International Conference on Educational Innovation (CIIE).

Looking towards the future, we understand that education must evolve to meet the changing needs of our economies and societies. With this in mind, in 2023, CIIE takes a step further and expands its horizons with the Institute for the Future of Education Conference (IFE Conference).

In this new era, IFE Conference will become a global event that connects Spanish-speaking countries with the rest of the world, and vice versa. It will provide a space for thought leaders in educational innovation, educators, innovators, researchers, policymakers, and entrepreneurs to address new educational challenges and acquire tools that enhance higher education and lifelong learning.