CIIE is now the IFE Conference

The 1st IFE Conference, formerly known as CIIE, is a space that will allow you to be part of the trends and practices that are revolutionizing the world of education.

The International Congress of Educational Innovation (#CIIETec) was born in 2006 to support innovative people in improving education. Looking towards the future, we know that education must evolve to meet the needs of our economies and societies. With this in mind, CIIE is evolving to reach new horizons.

IFE Conferences, created by the Institute for the Future of Education at Tecnológico de Monterrey, and named after it, will continue the trajectory of CIIE, providing an international educational innovation event every year to continue driving the future of education.

Live the #IFEconference Experience

The #IFEconferences experience, formerly #CIIETec, presents three days of keynote speeches, panels, special events, networking spaces, among others. An event with over 500 activities aimed at learning, collaboration, and innovation.


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El The IFE Conference invites the scientific, innovative, and entrepreneurial community focused on contributing, collaborating, and sharing on the subject of Educational Innovation to submit their papers. The IFE Conference aims to build a pluralistic, inclusive, and common space that aims to:

  • Identify trends, challenges, and opportunities in education.
  • Propose new teaching and learning methods and tools consistent with current generations.
  • Encourage the creation and strengthening of a multidisciplinary network of experts who exchange experiences, best practices, and put forward valuable proposals.

Thematic Lines

The current and emerging trends in the field of education, which include changes in teaching methods, the use of technology in the classroom, the incorporation of socio-emotional skills in education, among other aspects.

Area of study that focuses on the application of technological tools to improve the quality of education and the teaching-learning process. This area can encompass a variety of technologies, from simple digital tools to complex online learning management systems.

It refers to the implementation of new ideas and practices in education and research in the field of health, with the aim of improving the quality of training and healthcare.

The management of educational innovation is crucial to evaluate its progress, benefits, and necessary resources, as well as to have the right human talent to carry out this innovation.

Topics that address the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies throughout a person’s life with the main goal of staying up-to-date and acquiring new skills to improve employability and professional development.

Some Keynote Speakers
from Past Editions

Raquel Bernal

Rector University of Los Andes

Ignacio Sánchez Díaz

Rector Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

David Garza

President Tecnológico de Monterrey

Rhonda L. Lenton

President & Vice-Chancellor, York University

Paul J. LeBlanc

President, Southern New Hampshire University

Juan Pablo Murra

Rector for Higher Education Tecnológico de Monterrey

Kim A. Wilcox

Chancellor University of California

Michael Crow

President Arizona State University

Michael Fung

Executive Director Institute for the Future of Education Tecnológico de Monterrey

Marina Gorbis

Executive Director Institute for the Future

Patrice Potvin

Director of the Science and Technology Education Research Team Université du Québec à Montreal

José Escamilla

Associate Director of the Institute for the Future of Education Tecnológico de Monterrey

Cheryl Regehr

Vice-President and Provost University of Toronto

Elena Arias

Senior Education Specialist, Interamerican Development Bank (IDB)

Raúl Valdés-Cotera

Program Coordinator, UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning

Claudia Costin

Former Secretary of Education Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rosa Wolpert

Oficial de Educación de UNESCO México

Javier Elguea Solís

Director Education Program Carlos Slim Foundation

Nina Smidt

Managing Director and Spokesperson of the Board Siemens Stiftung


President Georgia Institute of Technology


Ex Ministra de Educación Naciona, Gobierno De Colombia

Leonardo Garnier

Ex Ministro de Educación de Costa Rica

Diana Ayton-Shenker

Chief Executive Officer Leonardo/ISAST

Mary Papazian

President San José State University

Jeff Selingo

NYT bestselling author. Contributor, The Atlantic. Advisor, ASU. Founder, Academy for Innovative Higher Education Leadership. Editor, Next newsletter. Co-host, Future U Podcast.

Carl E. Wieman

Nobel Prize in Physics and researcher in the transformation of Science Education

Gary A. Bolles

Author of The Next Rules of Work, Chair for The Future of Work, Singularity University and Partner in Charrette LLC.


Futurist, Author of "Communicating with the future"

Masha Ibeschitz

Executive Coach, Best Selling Author, Founder & Chairperson at Think Beyond Group, Investor

Mamokgethi Phakeng

Vice-Chancellor, University of Cape Town

Dawn Freshwater

Vice-Chancellor the University of Auckland

Patrick Brothers

Co-CEO of HolonIQ. Global Impact Intelligence Platform

John Couch

Vicepresidente de Educación de Apple

David H. Turpin

President & Vice-Chancellor, University of Alberta

Rose Luckin

Professor, University College London, Knowledge Lab

Santa J. Ono

President & Vice-Chancellor, University of British Columbia

Thomas Magnanti

Presidente de la Universidad de Tecnología y Diseño de Singapur

Ana Mari Cauce

President University of Washington

Arturo Cherbowski

Director Ejecutivo de Santander Universidades y Director General de Universia México

Mizuko Ito

Professor, University of California, Irvine. Co-Founder & CEO, Connected Camps

Esther Wojcicki

Vice Chair of Creative Commons and Global Educator Award 2016

Anant Agarwal

CEO, edX & Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT

Maria Klawe

Harvey Mudd College President

Richard J. Davidson

Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry University of Wisconsin–Madison. Founder and Director Center for Healthy Minds

Simon Allen

CEO McGraw Hill

Kerry Healey

President Babson College

Martin Paul

President, Maastricht University

Mike Thiruman

General Secretary Singapore Teacher's Union

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